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​Who Are Our Leaders

All of our parent-leaders of Newburyport, MA Troop 21 are un-paid volunteers.  We are a blend of folks; that have had extensive Scout Leader training from our local Spirit of Adventure Council - Scouts BSA and who have lend organizing assistance to the troop.

Newburyport, MA Troop 21

Meet Our Leaders

Boy Troop Scout Master                     Len Wallace IV

Boy Troop Assistant Scout Master     Jenn Troisi

Boy Troop Assistant Scout Master     L.B. Wallace V


Girl Troop Scout Master                     Dr. Michelle LaFlemme

Executive Officer                                Fr. Timothy Harrison

Charter Org. Rep.                              Chris Cody 

Boy Troop Committee Chair               Richard Jean

Girl Troop Committee Chair               L.B. Wallace V

Secretary-Treasurer                           Rosemary Blouin 

Advancement Chair                           Melissa Cody


Meet Our Committee Members

Boy Committee Member              Michael Torisi 

Boy Committee Member              Tom Haywood

Boy Committee Member              Bruce Menin 

Boy Committee Member              Kim Spinney

Boy Committee Member              Neal Spinney

Boy Committee Member              Carol Wallace

Boy Committee Member              Bill Woodbury

Boy Committee Member              Robert Ciampitti

Boy Committee Member              Chris Cody

Girl Committee Member               Lauren Kanigher

Girl Committee Member               Carol Wallace


​​Expectations Of Our Adults

Adults in roles of responsibility are expected to regularly attend monthly committee meetings, and perform the duties of their roles in an ethical and professional manner.  Troop parents, with roles or not, are expected to regularly attend full troop meetings and events to monitor and assist their sons as needed.  Parents should not consider the monthly troop meetings as “drop-off” events.  Further, troop parents are encouraged to attend camp-outs, and venue based trips, even if they are not on the troop committee.


Our Troop Meeting Schedule 

There is no formal published calendar format at this time, though we would like to explore the best way to do this. Regularly scheduled activities include:


  • Monthly Troop Committee Meetings: 1st Sunday of each month, Sept-Jun, in the I.C. Church basement

  • Monthly full Troop Meetings: 3rd Sunday of each month, Sept-Jun,     in the I.C. Church basement

  • Hidden Valley Scout Camp: 1 week overnight-camp in Gilmanton, NH, usually late June

  • Court of Honor : Usually 1 COH in fall, and 1 in spring

  • Various Troop Activities Including: Weekend camping; visits to state & historic sites; sports venues; etc.

Why all the paperwork to join? 


As mentioned below, some paperwork exists to accurately document each boy’s accomplishments as a Scout.  Additionally, there is extensive paperwork and training from the national organization that ensures the safety of all participants, at a wide variety of scout related events.


As a scout makes their way through the Boy Scout program they have the opportunity to achieve a series of ranks: Tenderfoot, First-Class, Second-Class, Star, Life, and Eagle.  Furthermore a series of Merit Badge achievements parallels the rank progression, with 11 named badges required plus 11 elective badges to qualify as an Eagle Scout.  The Blue Cards are a 3-part form that ensures a record of Merit Badge completion for the Scout, for the Merit Badge Counselor, and for the Troop & local Scout Council. The card tracks partial completion of a badge when needed, allowing a badge to be completed over time.

​Our Troop Philosophy

Newburyport, MA Troop 21 recognizes the very busy, lives of our members and their parents.  We focus on Eagle attainment via traditional rank and merit badge advancement.  Within this framework there are opportunities to lead and volunteer for scouts and their parents.  Parents who can give some of their time to the troop are encouraged to seek out a leader listed above.  Scouts, who come to the troop seeking Eagle Scout attainment, must be ready to undertake the multi-year effort for all 21 required Merit badges and the 5 ranks prior to Eagle.  We are proud to say that Troop 21’s support for such scouts has resulted in the troop with one of the highest Eagle Scout attainment rate within the local Spirit of Adventure council. 

Interested In Our Troop Contact Us:

Average Scout to
2nd Class Scout

 Ages 11 to 13

Most of our youngest scouts join between the ages of 10 and 11, after having received their Arrow of Light or completed the 5th grade, or crossover to the troop from our local Cub Scout Packs 21 or 451.

Average 1st Class to Eagle Scout

 Ages 13 to 17 years old

By the time our scouts have made it to about 1st Class to Star they begin to take a greater role during meetings and camping trips aiding the adults to help teach younger scouts using rank requirements.  Finally, if they want to progress to the rank of Eagle Scout we provide the support and vast background to aid in this long journey.  

Become a Scout Volunteer

 Ages 18 and up

If you are over the age of 18 and are interested in volunteering with the troop, please feel free to contact us.  We are always looking for adults with current scouts or not who are motivated to help out in areas like planning, committee board, merit badge counselor, and many more!

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